Blood Moon

Jun 12, 2002

The good people at Riff Industries are known for their ludicrisly powerful weapons. After taking a break from warship designs to develop the Maven, a “peaceful” vessel (pay no mind to the weapons cluster, er, sensor array), the engineers wanted to build another toy. The Blood Moon was the result of this. It was built as a contract for Captain Gareth Kovac.

Captain Kovac was extremely pleased with his new purchase. The ship has a very distinctive tri-wing shape, with a Xycore Fusion reactor engine mounted at the base of each wing. These engines enable the Blood Moon to travel with exceptional speed and power. These engines are some of the most powerful ever equipped in a vessel this size.

Weapons systems are also numerous. There is a ventrally mounted rail gun that fires antimatter shells, at the tip of each wing are phaser clusters, and a pack of torpedoes are mounted at the rear of the ship between the engines. There are also numerous other lasers, defense weapons, and other gizmos that only Captain Gareth knows about.

The Blood Moon also features a shuttle bay with a small scout shuttle. On the interior, the cockpit features a pilot, gunner, ops/communications, and Gareth’s captain’s chair. Within the main cabin are the captain’s cabin, the crew cabin with 6 bunks, a conference table, and the engineering section at the rear. Next to the cockpit on the starboard side is the external airlock. At the rear of the main cabin is a double airlock that leads to the shuttle bay. When the shuttle is docked in the bay, access to it is through the ventrally located hatch.

The Blood Moon took a long time to build. I had the wing configuration designed for a long time before I was inspired to attach the body. I was told after I had built the wings that the ship bears a striking resemblance to the Excalibur from Babylon 5: Crusade, but that was entirely incidental because I had never watched that show. Overall, it is 112 studs long and has a 96 stud wingspan. Having learned from building the Nebuchadnezzar, the Blood Moon is built very sturdily, with easy grabbing points on the underside. It weighs about 20 pounds.