Chaos Nova

Dec 12, 2002

The Chaos Nova was an exercise in lame part usage. It was built for Lugnet’s Lame Parts Building Contest. The contest was conceived to find creative ways to use a handful of lame parts. I took the concept on headlong and used at least one of each of the lame parts that I had in my collection, plus two extras. There are ten total different lame parts in the Chaos Nova:

  • 5 tree stumps
  • 8 technic round piston heads
  • 2 throwbot discs
  • 4 manta rays
  • 6 row boats
  • 1 soccer ball
  • 4 rope bridges
  • 2 sails

Plus 2 bonus lame parts:

  • 2 adventurers car radiators
  • 6 Knight’s Kingdom catapults