Maven Long Range Scout

Mar 25, 2001

The Maven is a long range scout and espionage ship. It is designed to take off and operate within an atmosphere or from a space-based carrier. The Maven is has no weapons, but is equipped with plenty of options to keep it from harm. It is equipped with two enormous Fusion Bussard Reactor engines, which pull material from atmospheres and space to use as fuel for the reactors. It has a large fuel material capacity in the tank between its wings. These engines allow it to outrace almost any other in atmosphere, with a top speed above Mach 6, and it can also keep pace with the fastest ships in deep space.

The Maven is also equipped with a sophisticated reconnaisance and sensor suite. The sensor arm is deployed from the central bay of the ship. It can track multiple targets at extreme ranges, as well as jam radar and electronic detection equipment.

The Maven has a crew of two, one pilot and one recon officer. The ship is also equipped with retractable landing gear.

The design of the Maven was heavily influenced by the SR-71 Blackbird.