Rigel 7 Pleasure Planet

Oct 23, 2003

Where do the citizens of and visitors to Moonbase go to spend their hard earned credits? Why the Rigel 7 Pleasure Planet, of course! Built adjacent to the Tycho Brahe Hotel, Rigel 7 offers many ways to entertain the masses, including a casino, comedy club, restaurant, arcade, pool hall, lounge, swimming pool, and two bars.

Built to the original Moonbase Module Standard, the Rigel 7 Pleasure Planet is a three baseplate megamodule built to fit seamlessly with the Tycho Brahe hotel, and match its style, shape, and color scheme. The shape is a series of large circular structures that match the Hotel’s diameter. The height of each of the cylinders is different, in order to keep the visual appeal of the entire complex. On top of the first module is the swimming pool, the second has the large rotating Rigel 7 sign, and the third has a landing pad. There is a rotating airlock on the first floor for employee access and deliveries, and sliding airlock with force shield on the landing pad so that pilots can access the structure. The number of corridors is variable and can be changed from as few as one to as many as eight depending on how the module can best fit into the moonbase layout.

The pool deck provides a swimming pool, diving board, hot tub, and numerous lounge chairs so that visitors can lay outside and enjoy the stars. A large shield dome keeps the atmosphere in and also shields the loungers from interstellar radiation.

The rotating sign on the roof is powered by a 9V battery running a standard technic motor that goes through a worm gear to spin the sign itself. We hope you enjoyed the tour, and let Rigel 7 Welcome You Again.