Thomas E. Dewey Steam Powered Airship

Dec 27, 2006

The Thomas E. Dewey lives in an alternate history where internal combustion engines were never developed, so Steam is the primary powersource. It is named after Thomas E. Dewey, who won the Presidential Election of 1944, defeating FDR. His push to create a fleet of airborne aircraft carriers led to the development of the airship that bears his name.

It features four large lifting rotors, and two pusher rotors. Eight dual-gun turrets are mounted around the outside of the airship. A harpoon gun is mounted to the roof. She has a crew compliment of 24, and can store 4 Cardinal steam fighters on the hangar deck. The fighters launch out the front of the airship, and land in the rear, between the dual booms.

She measures 259 studs long (6 feet, 9 inches) and 175 studs wide from rotor tip to rotor tip (4 feet, 7 inches). The main body itself is 95 studs wide (29 inches). The booms and rotor pods are removeable for transport. All 6 rotors are motorized using a train regulator and 4 motors. How many bricks? Oh god, I don’t know. probably 50,000. How long did it take to build? 4 months, plus a looooooong delay, plus another month. Its basic design was based off this model of the Highwind from Final Fantasy VII

Don’t mind the stickers. Some rascal attached them to the model at Brickfest 2006 in DC, and I didn’t feel like using Goo Gone.