Witch Hazel

Oct 24, 2002

Bugs Bunny certainly does have some colorful opponents. From Daffy Duck and Elmer to crazed hillbillies, opera singers, vultures, the occasional Wile E. Coyote, and of course Witch Hazel. Hazel’s always trying to catch our intrepid rabbit friend in order to cook him, and it appears that this time she won. Poor Bugs. Anyone for Rabbit Stew?

The Witch Hazel sculpture was built over the course of about a month for the Midnight MOCkery Halloween themed design contest. She uses something on the order of 12,000 pieces, is 38 inches tall and 36 inches from her butt to the edge of the kettle. The sculpture is pretty much hollow, and uses the same construction technique (approximately four stud thick walls, with a cross shaped support in the center) as my other sculptures.