Duesenberg SJ

Dec 5, 2023

Duesenberg was an American automobile company that was founded in 1920 and produced cars until 1937.  Its last car was the Duesenberg Model J, which had a production number of about 300 units, and an SJ variant that had significantly few builds.  As was common at the time, Duesenberg made the rolling chassis, but coachbuilders typically fabricated the body and completed the interior.

The Lego model of this car is built to approximately 1:6 scale and is modeled after the Duesenberg SJ used on screen in the film The Great Gatsby starring Leonardo DiCaprio, released in 2013.  My version of the car is 144 studs long and features lighting and a complete interior.  This car is built to the same scale as my Tesla Roadster https://www.brickfrenzy.com/project/starmans-tesla-roadster/