Nebuchadnezzar Hovership

Jan 24, 2002

Like most geeks, I love the Matrix. I realized that nobody had ever made (as far as I know) a Matrix based creation. I had the idea to do the Nebuchadnezzar, Morpheus’ hovership from the movie. I’ve been thinking about doing it for about 3 months now, but finally decided to go ahead with it. It has a reasonably complete interior, featuring a cockpit, the core with 7 seats, and the main operator console on the main deck, and two subdecks. The first subdeck has the crew quarters with 8 bunks, and Neo’s quarters. The second subdeck has the mess hall. I left off a number of features due to space constraints, including an outer hatch, the hatch that winches Neo in, and that extra little room (I suppose it’s the galley) next to the mess hall. There should also be some storage rooms, and an engine room, but since I had no idea where they’d go, I didn’t put them in.  This model was built prior to the sequels which added a lot more detail to the interior.

The Nebuchadnezzar took a couple of weeks of pretty rigorous building to complete. It measures 124 studs long (about 40 inches) about 36 studs wide (12 inches), and 40 or so bricks tall (17 inches) from the lowest hoverpod to the top of the tallest antennae. It has 4 internal decks. There are 5 removeable panels that reveal the interior.