Octan World Headquarters

Dec 9, 2001

As the Worldwide leader in petroleum products, Octan Corp. decided that they needed a new World Headquarters building that befitted their stature as a business superpower in Legoland. They wanted an awe inspiring presence, and their architect delivered a magnificent structure, with 23 stories and plenty of corner offices for all the executives and then some. The stunning six story atrium has an all glass roof and front facade. Octan’s President was very pleased with his new building, the tallest by far in the city.

The building has a height of 48 inches, is 36 inches deep and 35 inches wide. It comes apart into 3 sections so that it can at least be moved. Each main floor has 54 windows.

The inspiration for this building was the BP Building in Cleveland, now called 200 Public squar. The tiered roof design and general shape are heavily influenced by that building, although the model is much shorter – it only has 23 floors, while the real building has over 40.