Pirate Ship Revenge

Mar 4, 1999

The Pirate Ship Revenge is a swinging pirate ship style ride, that I’m sure you’ve all seen somewhere. It carries 12 passengers on a wacky back and forth swinging motion, attempting to throw the minifigs overboard. The main components of this ride are the ship, the power, and the loading platform.

The Ship

There are 16 seats for the happy riders


The ride is operated by a single technic motor. As I didn’t have a Mindstorms RCX nor a control panel at the time, I had to oscillate the motor back and forth by hand to get the ship to swing. The motor drives a set of 4 tires that spin in unison. Some rubber bands are wrapped around the tires to provide good contact.

The Loading Platform

That’s where our riders gain access to the ride, of course. It also provides a location for our crew of three to run the ride.