Santa’s Space Sleigh

Nov 10, 2003

As new planets and new civilizations were developed, Santa realized that the old school reindeer and sleigh technology just wasn’t going to cut it anymore, especially with that whole inability to breathe in space thing working against them. He set the elves to work designing a new robotic reindeer and worm-hole powered sleigh. The result is Santa’s Super Spiffy Splended SuperSonic Space Sleigh, or the 8S. The 8S has both wormhole and time-freezing capabilities to enable Santa to visit every child in the galaxy in one night. Every Ewok and Wookiee, every Borg and Klingon, every Minbari and Centauri, all races can know the joy that is Santa Claus.

On Fusion, on Ion, on Blackhole and Quasar, on Warpgate on Wormhole, on Sat’lite and Laser!