SuperNova HoverCycle

Aug 27, 2001

Everybody knows that yellow is the fastest color, and to that end HoverTech Industries presents the SuperNova Hovercycle, the yellowest, and fastest hovercycle we make. It may not have the raw brutish power of the Raptor, but it can get up and go with the best of them. The 6 HoverTech CHX-8101 HoverJets give the SuperNova its hovering capabilities, and the single CFX-905 ThrustJet, the most powerful thruster that HoverTech Industries manufactures, gives the SuperNova the get up and go required to go over 1000 miles per hour. The same Syncro AI system that is in the Raptor keeps the HoverJets balanced. The SuperNova sacrifices the piloting module that the Raptor has for a lighter and faster frame.

The SuperNova was built for Paul Hartzog’s HoverThing Contest. It took about 4 hours to design and build. It measures 26 studs long and 16 studs wide.