Aug 21, 2004

The Tribunal was built to serve the roll of long range deep space research and exploration vessel. She is equipped to a year in deep space without resupply. The ship features full recycling of air, water and waste to to minimize material needs for the crew of 49. Power is obtained in two ways. The primary propulsion and power system is an antimatter reactor fed by 6 huge fuel tanks. Secondary power for the artificial gravity tractor beam, and micrometeorite shield is obtained with a fusion reactor and graviton generator.

The ship itself features 5 decks in the main crew area. A long spine isolates the antimatter reactor and its gamma radiation from the rest of the ship. There are two sensor arrays at the front of the ship, and a long range antenna dish on the top.

Interior details include everything that a long range research vessel would require, including living spaces, recreational facilities, research, maintenance, and more.  Each of the interior decks is removable on drawer slides.

The ship measures 12 feet, 8 inches, or 485 studs in length.  I did not know how long it was going to be before I was done, so I came up just a little short to that nice even 500 stud number.  Its design was based on concept art from a Discover Magazine issue about interstellar travel.