Widget HoverCycle

Aug 18, 2001

Sometimes the little ones need some HoverCycle fun too. For this purpose, HoverTech Industries presents the Widget HoverCycle. The Widget is built for kids to use. It’s lower powered and goes a little slower to allow people to learn how to handle these tricky vehicles. It also has a pair of landing legs for ease of ingress and egress. As always, the Widget has the distinctive 6 LiftJet matrix. The CHX-2101 LiftJets keep the Widget at a comfortable fun but safe 18 inches above ground. The CFX-205 ThrustJets give a top speed of just over 50 miles an hour when the speed limiters enabled. Industrious retuners can install a speed regulator chip that can push the Widget to over 120 miles an hour.

The Widget was built for Paul Hartzog’s HoverThing Contest. It took about an hour to design and build. It measures 10 studs long and 8 studs wide.